Key keeper. Quiet option. There…

I did not separate all the keys with washers and it turned out quite tight. As a result, this whole construction tinkles the keys very muffledly only if you shake it hard. It is highly desirable to put it on a thread sealant. Without a sealant, it’s still scary that it will unwind. I got it like this: Ali has similar housekeepers with a "leather" handle.

Key keeper. The short axis 8mm remained. The thickness of the package of keys turned out to be 19mm. But I liked the little thing – I decided to share it. There isn’t really much to see. The original link is rotten 🙁 I found the closest analogue for the price. I hung it on a moving ear and it seemed to me the most convenient way. Quiet option.

Axis: I understand that you can stick black washers on the key if the hole in it is large so that it does not hang out. I also wanted to shove a “chip” from the intercom onto the axis, but it turns out to be a very thick construction.