KingSpec T-120 SSD Drive 120 GB

KingSpec T-120 SSD Drive 120 GB

A story about a disc that is definitely not worth buying, even if you, like me, decided to take a chance and try your luck. If you are interested, then read on.

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Now you can move on to the main part of the so-called "purchase review". The main criterion for writing this review was that I never met reviews on Muska where people share their experience of unsuccessful communication with Chinese SSD drives, but they are clearly not enough for a true picture.

So after a rather long wait, I received a disc that looked flawless and at the time I was very excited about its appearance. By the way, after this unsuccessful purchase, I still purchased as many as two SSD drives offline (because the price tag from the Chinese soared to 4t.r., and offline was still a little higher than 3t.r.) and at the same time these drives look faded in appearance compared to the Chinese, which is only worth the aluminum case)).
Well, yes, I digress … Since I already dealt with fake flash drives from China, I decided to immediately run the test through h2testw, and after literally 20 GB of recording, I already saw a depressing picture with an error. Well, then it was even worse: it stopped being seen by Windows and when I tried to initialize the disk through the “disk manager”, it gave an error. In Linux, this disk could be partitioned, and even after some time of brakes it was possible to create a file on it, but mounting it already caused failure. By the way, in Windows, any utilities that worked directly with a physical disk already weighed Windows irrevocably and reliably.
Screenshots of disk error:

For this reason, I strongly advise against buying KingSpec SSD drives. That’s basically my whole review.

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  • May 09, 2017, 10:40
  • author: johnes
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It was necessary to seek a refund and keep the goods. And then, through the utility for the memory controller, re-partition it, taking into account bad sectors.