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Your case is not only absurd, since you applied after the end of the warranty period, it also happened through your own fault. The first block of the nuclear power plant started working and electricity prices rose. Or was it originally planned to be different. There can be many reasons. There are a lot of such appendixes.

White lights on the screen appear due to the punching of the matrix with point pressure on the laptop lid in the closed state. Do not pay attention, this is the normal life of engineering development and production.

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Perhaps another product uses a different case. By the way, they can also be put on after crimping – it’s not at all difficult. After all, the credit for the station cannot be repaid by lowering tariffs. Learn to carry laptops in a bag without filling up the side of the lid with any rubbish (charging, flash drives, etc.) and not putting rubbish on a closed laptop on the table – no light will appear on any of them. Antennae for wrapping around the insulation of the wire or rubber band, but it is not necessary to crimp the rubber bands. The connection is tight if properly assembled. They are crimped perfectly with a Knipex crimp with a “97 49 28” die, unfortunately I could not find a suitable die among Chinese crimpers (the width does not fit), although I tried to find a cheap alternative. It is advisable to install it in accessible places if it is installed in a car, because the seal on the “mother” tans after a year and the effort to disconnect and connect requires titanic, even had to cut off a third of the gum a couple of times. I worked with these Chinese copies of the AMP Superseal 1.5 series connector from Tyco Electronics – the quality is terrible in all respects, when compared with the original, but 3-4 times cheaper.