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There is a Ginny index, which shows the ratio of the poor to the rich in the country. You can try to ask for part of the amount paid through a dispute, since the product does not match the copy presented on the page) He speaks basses in comparison with Ankers less, but for their price they are not bad. Yes, I agree. We were told at the institute that over time its curve would become more and more curved, that is, inequality would increase, and there was little that could be done. Here comes kuulaa at 33W, probably for two I will do one review. An acquaintance also took these for himself to listen to music. He likes it.

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Yes, I also noticed that the tiger is skinny. In this regard, they are copied by Vention. I took a 30W charger from the latter for $ 3 to write a review) Until my hands reach it. ESR used to and still occasionally only gives good prices. All such indexes and models are built on some assumptions, limitations, and then extrapolated to reality, therefore, yes, in a sense, they are limited, but they are not meaningless either. I’ve only seen them with 512MB of RAM on Ali Express in no-name stores) I hope they stay there.