The tools you need to supercharge your hybrid working experience

We’ve previously mentioned about the importance of staying safe online when hybrid working, and a VPN can play a significant role in that. Looking for the best new Xbox Series X games for 2021? We’re here to help.

That’s why we’ve selected the biggest new Xbox Series X game release dates in 2021 and beyond below, so you know exactly when you can get your hands on this year’s new Xbox Series X games. But with lots of new games heading our way this year – coupled with lots of delays – it can be a challenge to keep track of what’s being released and when we can expect it. Love them or hate them, having the right support when you’re hybrid working is vital. For many of us, printing documents or images is a rare occurrence these days – but having a printer available is still vital for many tasks.

There are many fantastic new Xbox Series X games on the way this year that will make the most of your new games console, whether you have an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S – if you don’t have either, this list might convince you to pick one up. If you still need extra help, consider a footrest or even an ergonomic mouse or wrist support for extra protection – it really will make a difference. New Xbox Series X games But what happens when you can’t just nip to the office printer to grab a document, presentation, or even something like a boarding pass?

The tools you need to supercharge your hybrid working experience


p>worker However, the tail end of the year looks set to be packed with all kinds of new Xbox Series X games, with the likes of Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 confirmed for the Xbox Series X/S in 2021. With most of us spending more time than ever sitting at a desk to work, having an effective chair and desk set-up is crucial – you’ll thank us in the long term. The contents of this article are entirely independent and solely reflect the editorial opinion of TechRadar Pro. For many workers shunted out of the office during the pandemic, having to downsize their hardware, and by default their screen real estate, was the most challenging part of hybrid working – but an external monitor can help solve all these issues. And with all-in-one (AIO) printers now more affordable and efficient than ever before, kitting out your hybrid working space could be the ideal time to invest.

And for those of us who really want to go that extra mile – there’s always a standing desk, giving you more of a work-out than anyone else sitting for the entirety of the day. Adding an extra screen to your home workplace can hugely increase productivity and efficiency, allowing you to have multiple programs, apps and services open at the same time, offering you all you need to get your work done effectively. Ergonomic chairs are a common sight these days, and can help provide your back, shoulders and neck with the right amount of support to ensure you work in comfort. It’s definitely worth considering having a printer at home as part of your hybrid working set-up, if not purely for the fact that you’ll never know when you might need one. But with global lockdowns caused by the pandemic taking force, many workers had to construct or build home working set-ups for the first time, often using whatever hardware and software they had at their disposal.

If your new desk is wide enough – an external monitor is also a must-have for hybrid working. The first half of 2021 was a little light on new releases – for a few different reasons, but mostly the pandemic. It’s perhaps fair to say that the shift towards hybrid working, as in splitting your time between the office and being at home, did catch some of us by surprise. Now hybrid working has become a common experience for many, you might be thinking how you can improve the process – so here’s a few suggestions. Disguising your device’s IP address to wherever you choose, VPNs are no longer a tool to access workplace networks or intranets, but are a vital tool to working flexibly wherever you are.

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